It’s rainy season in Hawaii, and while it has its positive affects, it also leads to pollutants being washed into our storm drains and into the ocean. Here are a few reminders on how you can help to keep our storm drains free of these harmful items.

Refrain from using water to clean your driveway
No matter what has been spilled, using cleaners to get the oil and gunk off your driveway and sweeping it up helps to prevent these chemicals and oils leading straight into the storm drains.

Minimize water use during heavy rain
During heavy rain, sewer pipes may get flooded by rainwater, increasing the chance of sewage spills. Wait to wash clothes or run the dishwasher until the rain stops, to lessen the burden on the sewer system.

Collect rainwater in barrels
Water collected in rainwater barrels can be used to water your lawn or garden areas and the process prevents the gravel and oil on your roof from ending up in the storm drains.

Plant a rain garden
Direct the rainwater from your roof, driveway, and walkways to a garden of native, drought-resistant plants. A rain garden absorbs rainwater and breaks down pollutants naturally, keeping rainwater from flowing off your property and picking up pollutants on the way to storm drains.