Water Environment Federation Award

HDOT Highways Division, Oahu District Award Gold Level
in Program Management and Silver Level in Innovation

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Trash Isn't Beautiful

Watch our new Trash Free Hawaii PSA's and get inspired to keep our home trash free

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Baby Steps What You Can Do:

Baby Steps
Small actions can lead to big change. Whether it is identifying the destination of household downspouts, recycling, or changing the way cars are washed, we can all help prevent storm water pollution from entering Oahu’s water resources.

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Big Steps What You Can Do:

Big Steps
Preventing storm water pollution from entering your area’s water resources may require a greater effort. For example, utilizing a rain barrel to capture roof runoff will help ensure that storm water will not transport pollutants into the nearest storm drain inlet.
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Giant Steps What You Can Do:

Giant Steps
We can go even further to prevent storm water pollution. Replacing your paved driveway with a pervious surface will help storm water filter into the soil rather than flow over paved surfaces.


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SWMP in Our Community
  • Crew installing the first trash trap in the Halawa interchange
  • Slope covered with permanent erosion control fabric
  • Phase 5 Erosion Control Interstate Route H-1 (after)
  • Phase 5 Erosion Control Kalanaianaole Hwy. (after)
  • Phase 5 Erosion Control Kamananui Rd. (after)

The HDOT Highways Storm Water Management Program is involved in a variety of activities to help prevent storm water pollution from entering our community’s valuable water resources. Click on the images above to find out more about HDOT Highways’ various efforts.


How You Can Help

Individuals & Families

There is a variety of activities we can do and change to help prevent polluted storm water from entering Oahu’s water bodies. Click here to find out what you can do in your garden, garage and around your home to make a difference.

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We all have a responsibility to do our part in preventing storm water pollution, including businesses. Businesses are in a unique position to be a positive example in the community so that others may follow. Click here to find out ways your business can help prevent storm water pollution from entering Oahu’s water bodies.

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Contractors & Consultants

Construction is a major industry in our islands. Unfortunately, erosion that takes place during construction projects can contribute to storm water pollution. This section will provide information about HDOT Highways’ comprehensive construction site runoff control program to prevent water pollution during construction activities on State highways.

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Latest News

How You Can Help

Adopt-A-Highway ProgramOne of the most critical ways to keep our storm water runoff free of pollutants and debris is to adopt a highway. The State DOT Adopt-A-Highway program is a public service program that allows volunteers from any organization to pick up litter along Hawaii’s state highways. This is your chance to make a personal contribution to a cleaner Hawaii!

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