What would you do if there was no water? You wouldn’t be able to take a bath, wash your hands, brush your teeth, cook a simple meal, feed your garden, or even flush the toilet. Firefighters wouldn’t be able to put out fires and farmers would lose crops.

On October 21, 2021, individuals and organizations all across the country will Imagine a Day Without Water to spread the word about the value of our most essential resource and why it should not be taken for granted.

According to The Value of Water campaign, the average American uses 64,240 gallons of water in one year. Many of us do it without even thinking about the impact of our consumption. Water is not an infinite resource. Between 70 and 75 percent of the earth’s surface is covered in water, but only one percent of that is available for human use. This means we need to do everything in our power to protect it.

Our nation’s current water infrastructure is in need of repairs, and it is important that we encourage our leaders to invest in our water infrastructure now to keep it from failing in the near future. If we fail to invest in our water systems, it is estimated that disruptions from water infrastructure failures, including leaks and flooding, will cost American families seven times more in 20 years than they do today. In addition, investing in water infrastructure could produce up to 800,000 new jobs and household disposable income could rise by more than $2,000 per household.


How can you get involved?


  • Engage on social media!
    Create an online poll, pledge, or contest for your network to show how you and your followers value water! Share photos, videos, and infographics about water. Use the hashtag #ValueWater to see what others are saying about water!


  • Host an educational event about water and water infrastructure for your community, in person or online.


  • Get water in the news.
    Communicate the message that valuing water, and the systems that deliver it, is an environmental, economic, and public health imperative. Pitch your own news story!


  • Partner with a local mayor or public official, and encourage them to demonstrate their support for water policies that will create a sustainable water future.


  • Bring Imagine a Day Without Water into the classroom.
    Develop contests or curriculum that engages students on the value of water.


Over 1,200 organizations and individuals will come together to participate in Imagine a Day Without Water, including municipal water and wastewater agencies, mayors, city councils, governors, businesses, community organizations, labor unions, state and federal agencies and others.

Last year, Governor David Ige issued a proclamation declaring October 21 as the day for Hawaii residents to Imagine a Day Without Water, encouraging all the people of Hawaii to recognize the importance of protecting our fresh water—the precious lifeblood of our islands—and the need for maintaining the critical infrastructure that allows our residents to enjoy reliable and clean water service at the turn of the tap.

Join us in learning new ways to conserve and spread awareness about life’s greatest resource. Imagine a Day Without Water is presented by the Value of Water Campaign. Learn more at imagineadaywithoutwater.org/.