Spring is in full swing! While consolidating the contents of overstuffed drawers and cleaning out those crowded closets, consider getting organized sustainably with some of these tips for “upcycling” regular household items.

Toilet Paper Roll Desk Organizer

  1. Gather toilet paper rolls, a piece of cardboard for your base, hot glue, a sharp knife, and any materials you will use to decorate.
  2. Using the knife, trim the toilet paper rolls to varying heights.
  3. Decorate your toilet paper rolls and base however you please.
  4. Arrange your rolls on your cardboard base, hold in place, and use the hot glue to secure the rolls on the base.
  5. Now you have a nifty organizer for your pens, brushes, and other office supplies!

Cereal Box Standing File Folders

  1. Gather used cereal box(es), scissors, a pencil, hot glue, and any decorative materials. You may use wrapping paper, decorative tapes, paint, stickers, ribbon, fabric or other materials to customize your file folders!
  2. Mark the boxes with cutting lines, going diagonally down the facing side of the box.
  3. Cut along the lines and even them out.
  4. Use decorative materials to customize the file folders. For extra strength, use a hot glue to fasten materials to the folders.

Upcycled Jeans Pocket Organizer

  1. Gather a few pairs of old jeans and t-shirts, scissors, a cork or fabric board (or cardboard from a used box will do!) and a glue gun.
  2. Using old t-shirts, jeans or other fabric scraps, place them on the board in a design of your choice. Cut the pieces as you see fit and use a glue gun to hold the pieces down.
  3. Cut the pocket pieces from the jeans, making sure that the pockets are still intact.
  4. Glue the jean pockets onto the board.
  5. When finished, hang your jean pocket organizer for display!