In November, the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, Highways Division, Oahu District unveiled a bright, colorful, and new outreach effort to educate keiki about the importance of keeping our storm drain system free from pollutants…

Introducing the new Hawaii Storm Patrol: New Recruits activity book!

For years, HDOT Highways has been distributing activity books to Oahu first graders that teach them about the importance of Hawaii’s storm drain system. But recently, HDOT Highways did a thorough redesign of the book, based on feedback shared by first grade teachers.

The result: an all-new, rebranded activity book that’s much more entertaining, compelling, and flexible for teachers and students.

The activity book helps keiki learn about how the storm drain system works, what types of debris they might find, how to process recyclables, trash, and green waste to ensure that they don’t go down storm drains, and what everyday activities people do that endanger the system.

Using bright colors, relatable illustrations, and simple, direct language, the Hawaii Storm Patrol: New Recruits activity book is designed to get keiki thinking about what role they can play in protecting the environment, and give them an actionable goal they can work toward.

When they complete the activities in the book, they are presented with a Hawaii Storm Patrol badge, to remind them of their good work and their continuing responsibility to uphold the motto “Mālama I Ka Wai” – Protect Our Water!

More than 10,000 books were distributed to first grade classrooms across the island in November, along with Hawaii Storm Patrol posters.